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Here we go! You've got your plan now and have had a day to digest the information. It is imperative that you read through your plan and properly understand it. This will ensure that you and your coach are on the same page from the beginning. 

You and your coach will set up a check-in day. The check-in day is where the magic happens. On this day you will submit updated statistics (weight, waistline, etc.), pictures, and a summary on how your week or month went. This is your chance to ask your coach anything. The relationship with your coach must be one of trust to make sure you can reach your goals! Depending on how you progress week to week your coach will make adjustments to make sure we are always working towards your goal. They will also always have an explanation for why an adjustment was made or not made. Feel free to ask them!

Every time you will check-in with your coach to make sure there are no missed opportunities. Reaching your goals is all about consistency. However, as you progress your needs will change. That is why having a coach is what makes all the difference. Using evidence-based techniques we will help you never plateau!

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