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Step #2 - Create your plan


After completing the questionnaire, it's our turn to get to work on your plan. Your plan is fully customized and based on your answers on the initial questionnaire.


If you opted for the NUTRITION BALANCE program, It usually takes between 24-48 hours to complete, and your designed coach will reach out to you to clarify any detail needed. While you wait, start getting familiar with our content, order your food scale, and get mentally prepared to achieve life-changing results. 

If you opted for the NUTRITION IN DEPTH program, your designated coach would reach out to you to make a phone or video call and know every important detail about you. That virtual meeting usually takes around 60-90 minutes and is a chance for you also learn a little bit more about nutrition or discuss your difficulties and concerns, for example. For being more personalized, your plan will be delivered within 72h.


Both plans will come in the form of a PDF file.

Still have doubts? Don’t worry! Your coach will be periodic in touch with you to guide you.

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