We've been hard at work getting this book just right and can't be more excited to finally share it with the world! 


In Functional Mass, you'll learn all about the pillars of building lean muscle mass! No BS, no tricks, no magic pill. Just the facts and how to apply it right away!


It's a very easy to understand manual on how to pack on muscle while doing CrossFit or any other functional training. 


Some of the benefits of this book include:


Gaining an understanding of what is holding you back from gaining more lean muscle.


Learning how to create your own diet to gain muscle.


Learning why tempo and negatives are so important to gain muscle mass. 


An in-depth three day program specifically designed to fit within your current training regimen.


Exact directions on how to implement this program into your routine.


Videos showing you exactly how to do a movement and commentary so you can nail down those little details! 


Gaining an understanding of how important sleep is and how to improve it!


A four week progression which is repeatable for at least 12-16 weeks. 


A spreadsheet with the program so you can plug in your results as you do it. 


All this and more for a ridiculously low intro price! 


Book Outline:


- In chapter one, you'll gain an understanding of our philosphy behind this book and why we thought it was necessary. 


- In chapter two, we cover nutrition and how to set your diet up for success! Includes how to figure out your own macros!


- In chapter three,  we explain why sleep is extremely important for our goal of gaining muscle!


- In chapter four, we cover mindset and what separates those who make gains and those who don't!


- In chapter five, you'll learn why tempo is the key to maximizing growth!


- In chapter six, it's the moment you've been waiting for. You'll get your hands on the PROGRAM! We explain everything you need to know about it. The actual spreadsheet with links will be separate within the zip file you will download.


- In chapter seven, we explain how to progress from week to week. 


-In chapter eight, we conclude with a summary of everything you've learned and advice on how to make the most of it! 




1. Functional Mass e-book with tips on training, nutrition, sleep and mindset. 

2. Spreadsheet in both Excel and Pages versions to keep track of your training results, progressions, and links to demos of each exercise! 


All for only $10!

Functional Mass by Javier Milian

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  • Once you have purchased, you will receive an email with a link to download a zip file. That Zip will contain a PDF and two spreadsheets. The PDF can be opened in your favorite book reading app on your phone or on your computer. The spreadsheets can be opened on Google sheets (free), Numbers (mac/ios), or Excel (Windows).